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Welcome to the Pillar Project Wiki

For help on using this Wiki, please visit Help with the Wiki

Community Registration

Please check out for step by step instructions,
or watch for an instructional video.

Community Guidelines

There are multiple Teams in our community and each has its own Channels.
By default, upon joining you are added to all channels on the main Team Pillar Project
After that, you can check out the other channels in the remaining teams on your own pace. You are only added to the main channel on these other teams.

Pillar Project Team

Most important channels:

1 📣 Announcements Official communication from the Pillar Project.
2 🔗 Blockchain News News from the CryptoCurrency and BlockChain scene.
3 🤝 Introductions Introduce yourself!
5 🛋 Living Room On- and Off-topic discussion. Mi casa es su casa!
6 🛣 Poprad Attendees Connect back to each other here!
7 ☎️ Tech Support Need technical support? Find us here.

All other channels:

Blockchain Explorer Research on Blockchain Explorer
Communication Generic discussion of communication about the Pillar Project.
Crypto Markets Discussions about crypto markets.
Developer Central Discussion about development.
DevOPs Machine room.
Events - Live Discussion on upcoming (and past) Live Streams.
Events - Online Discussion on upcoming (and past) Online Events.
GEO Africa News, information and more regarding the African continent.
GEO Asia News, information and more regarding USA.
GEO Canada News information and more regarding Canada.
GEO UK News, information and more regarding the United Kingdom.
GEO USA News, information and more regarding USA.
Help (Looking for) Need help with something? Let us know here!
Help (Offered) Looking for something to do? Let us know what you can help with here!
Meetings Agenda, Forum and events.
Off Topic General Off Topic chat
Pillar Tokens Discussion on Pillar Tokens
Pillar Website Discussion on the Pillar Project website
PR To communicate PR activity. A place for the team at Famous Publicity to
share what's happening and also a place for anyone else to provide comment or suggestion.
Qoutes Qoutes about us
Semantic Search Discussion about Semantic Search
Social Twitter Follow our discussions on Twitter.
Social Youtube Follow our discussions on YouTube.
ThirdParty Products Discussion of the thirdparty products
ThirdParty Services Discussion of Third Party Services.

Contests Team

Contests HQ Discussion on the ongoing contests for the Pillar Project.
Design - Meet People Meet people to ask questions in regards to Design
Design - Teams Meet people to team up with in regards to Design
External contests https://link_here
Questions Have questions about Contests? Ask them here

Research Team

Blockchain Explorer Research on Blockchain Explorer.
Consortia Research on Consortia: Gatherings of entities to promote and standardize something.
Exchanges Research on Exchanges
Identity Research on Identity
Pillar Token Research Pillar Token
Products Research on Products
Projects Research on Projects
Publications Reference for periodical publications (journals and such) on blockchain and crypto research
Research HQ
Semantic Search Research on Semantic Search
Smart Contracts Research on Smart Contracts
Storage Research on Storage
User Experience Research on User Experience
London space
Nigeria 2018
Volunteers HQ Want to volunteer? Offer your services here or come and check out what we need

Volunteers Team

Cameroun 2018
Clean Communication This is a community effort to set new social media standards.
Jobs To Be Done

Wallet Labs

Core Wallet Discussion on the Core Wallet
Dream Feature List
Next Release
OEM Wallet Discussion on the OEM Wallet
Related News
Wallet camp
Wallet Lab Discussion on development of the Core Wallet
Wallet research

Have Questions? Ask!

The Living Room Channel on the Pillar Project Team is the most active.
Obviously, if you have more specific questions on specific topics, it's best to use the appropriate teams and channels.
Have fun and thanks for participating!